Ensure That All Employees, Contractors and Visitors Have a Proper Safety Induction to Your Event or Entertainment Facility!

EventInductions.com is your convenient and economical solution for OH&S induction training for all employees, contractors and visitors to large event and entertainment facilities. This online program has been developed to meet the needs of Stadiums, Venues, Associations, Clubs and Sports Facility operators around the world.

If you’re an operators of a venue, stadium, club, or public event space you have a responsibility and legal duty of care to ensure that all personnel working at the venue are properly trained to be aware of the risks and hazards associated with the venue, and how to go about their duties in a safe and responsible manner, with appropriate training in emergency procedures, in the event of identified risks occurring.

This convenient online training course is the ideal solution to provide on a yearly basis as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy for your organisation.

We understand that with many different people entering venues every day, it’s a challenge to meet your duty of care responsibility. That’s why Event Inductions has developed a simple to use, online induction programme, which covers all the necessary statutory training on risks and hazards of which contractors, employees and visitors need to be aware. As we provide the course online, your contractors or employees can complete it at their convenience. The course typically takes only 45 minutes to complete, and can be done in several smaller chunks of time if required.

When they have successfully completed the induction program, a certificate and authorisation card is generated for them to print. Using an Identification Verification System, we offer you convenience and simplicity to induct and verify staff, contractors and visitors to your site.