Behind any of our General Induction, Industry Training or In-Depth Safety Modules courses lies the capability to provide an integrated compliance management and audit system.

We provided this through a Contractor Management System and by supplying a “certification card” on the successful completion of the courses and verification of identity.

Contractor Management System allows the stadium owner to set restrictive parameters for any of their registered contractors. This could be in regards to access to different parts of the venue, hours of access or specific certification or licenses which they require of contractors.

The system would not allow a “certification card” to be issued unless the contractor met the specific requirements determined by the stadium owner.

Registered contractors would be able enter and manage key compliance information including items such as:

  • Company information,
  • Contractor information,
  • Safety compliance information,
  • Licensing & Certification information, and
  • Insurance information.

Event Owners would have the ability to access all the information entered by registered contractors, allowing them to manage and audit their contractors to ensure compliance.